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A domain name is your web address. When someone types your domain name into a web browser, your web pages will open. Behind the scenes, the domain name is actually pointing to a physical location- a server- that holds your web page files.
You may register any domain name you want, up to a point. Your domain name must be unique because it is an address that can point only to your web site. Additionally, you cannot register a domain name that is trademarked by another company or is so similar to a trademark that it is confusing or easily mistaken for the trademark. Recent disputes with ICANN have made it clear that a domain name registered in bad faith or with no legitimate interests in the domain name will result in a dispute.
If your domain name is taken, you must register another domain name. Each domain name must be unique. You may want to check for variations of your domain name. For example, if you wanted "", you may want to see if "" or "" are available. Variations of the spelling or word order may help you choose a new domain name.
.com represents companies or for profit organizations, it is also the most common extension for domain names. Most personal web sites also use this extension.
.net generally represents Internet Service Providers.
.org represents non-profit organizations or groups.
.info is the first of the new top level domains. It is designed for general use and is expected to become as popular as .com
.biz is also a new top level domain. It is designed for general business use and is expected to become as popular as .com.
.ws means WebSite and is an excellent choice for any business or personal Website, or as a great alternative if your .com is not available.
Though these are general guidelines, you may use any of these extensions when registering a domain name. If you want to be make sure no one else can benefit from your domain name, it's a good idea to register all three variations of your domain name.
A domain name is very similar to an address forwarding service. The domain is the address that people type in their web browser. The domain then points to the "real" address that contains your web site. The "real" address is the address of your location on the server that contains your web site files and is called the IP address. The reason the IP address is not used is because it is a series of numbers. For most, this would be very difficult to remember. Instead, a domain name, made up of letters and words is used.
There are a series of short steps involved in registering a new domain name.

1. Type your domain name in the availability box and check if it is available for you to register. If your domain is available, you can continue signing up the domain.

2. You will be given all the variations of that domain name that are available (i.e.- .com, .org, .net, .cc). If your domain is unavailable, you will be given versions of the domain name that are available (, .org, .net, .cc). If you don't like any of the suggestions, you can pick another name and check its availability.

3. If you've never signed up a domain name, you will need to create a new login account. Or, you can login to your account at this point. You must log in for security purposes.

4. Next, select the length of time you want to register you domain. When you sign up a domain, you do not own that domain outright. You are in essence renting the use of the domain name for a period of time. If this is a domain for a company, it's a good idea to register the domain name for a long period of time. That way, you don't need to reregister the name as often and you lessen the risk that someone else may register it before you get a chance to reregister it.

5. Fill in your contact information. This information is used for administrative purposes and must be kept current. You can have up to four different contacts for your domain name-
1) Registrant
2) Technical
3) Administrative and
4) Billing.

You don't need to include all of these contacts. If you don't fill out all of the contacts, the Registrant details will be used for all of the contacts. Multiple contacts are often used for companies where more than one person is in charge of the web site. Remember - The REGISTRANT is the legal owner of the domain name for the specified period of time.

6. Choose the status of your domain name. "This domain will not be hosted anywhere"- you are simply registering a domain name and don't intend on hosting a web site in the near future. "I don't have a hosting provider, I'll park it here free"- If you don't have a hosting provider yet, we will point your domain to a generic web page until you are ready to host your site. "I will be using i-Commerce Solutions as the hosting provider for this domain"- After you register your domain name, you can set up the hosting account. All the technical information will be taken care of behind the scenes. "I'm hosting with another ISP, I'll enter my Name Server information below:"- Simply enter your own hosting details in the spaces provided. You can register your own Name Server after you've purchased your domain name.

7. Verify the information is correct for your domain and contact details. If you see errors, simply click on the step that contains the incorrect details and correct the information.

8. You will then be taken into the shopping cart to purchase your domain, first make note of the price of your items. Then, fill out your customer details. Enter your credit card details to finalize the purchase of your domain name. You will receive a confirmation page.
This page confirms that you've requested a domain registration. You will receive an email when your registration is completed.
To transfer a domain name, you must complete the transfer request form.
  • Select Transfer a Domain.
  • **Before completing the online transfer application make sure your domain name has not expired. We ask that you have at least one week left until expiration to ensure your domain will transfer. The transfer process takes 5-7 days once initiated. A transfer can only be initiated after it has been reviewed which can take 1-2 days. If your domain name has expired contact your current registrar to purchase an additional year and then complete the online transfer form.
  • Begin the Domain Transfer Registration by following the online application.
Step 1- Enter Domain Name Information
- Enter the domain name you are going to be transferring.
- Enter the current registrar in the next box, if known.
Press Continue
Step 2- Log In / Enter Contact Information
- At the next screen you will enter your username and password. If you are a returning customer, enter your current username and password. If not, you will need to create one. - Please make sure that both your username and password begin with a letter and are at least five characters long. Take a minute to write down your username and password for future reference. NOTE: Your username and password are not activated until after the transfer is complete.
Press Continue.
- Enter your registrant information (required information has a star to the right). Press Submit. - If there is another person to be listed as the Technical, Administrative or Billing contacts, click on that title to enter their information. If these are not changed the registrant will be listed as all contacts. NOTE: The ADMINISTRATIVE e-mail address you specify MUST match the administrative e-mail address at your current registrar.
Press Continue.
Step 3- Enter Name Server Information
- Choose one of the five options.
Press Continue.
Step 4-Review Transfer and Registration Agreements
- Make sure the spelling of the domain name(s) are correct. Read the Transfer and Registration Agreements. You must review both of these documents.
- Before exiting this screen you must verify that you have read and accept the Transfer and Registration Agreements, and are the legal registrant.
Press Continue.
Step 5- Confirm Transfer Details
- Confirm the information is correct for the domain name(s), Registrant and Name Servers (if chosen).
**If you are going to be hosting with us you will create another password different from you domain password.
NOTE: Take a moment to write down your hosting username and password for future reference, it is not the same as your login username and password.
Press Continue.
- Verify your total order is correct and press continue, this will take you to your Shopping Cart. Again, it will show your purchases, if all is correct...continue with check-out.
- Enter your credit card information to pay for the domain transfer(s) and services chosen. We only accept credit card payment online for domain transfers.
What happens next?
Your administrative contact will be sent an email to authorize the transfer. The transfer will not be initiated without acceptance from the administrative contact, which is done by a return e-mail. Once initiated, transfers take 5 days to complete. You will be notified by e-mail when your transfer is final.
Select Manage Your Account. Enter your user name and password in the login fields and then click the Login button. From there, you can manage various aspects of your account. requested.
You can perform a "Whois'. If you select a domain name that is already taken, a link to the "Whois" function will appear. You will then be able to look up the contact details of that domain owner.
Yes, you can perform this function from the "Manage Your Account" option of the Domain Registration web site. This is a permanent action and you cannot undo this action. You may reregister this domain later for a new registration fee.
We will notify your billing contact's email address when your domain name is about to expire and can then renew it from the "Manage Your Account" option of the Domain Registration web site. You can always check the status of your domains from this option by entering your domain login and password
You can modify your domain name information at any time after your domain is registered, except for the Registrant's Name and Company Name. In order to make changes to these locked fields (Registrant's Name & Company Name), please mail requests with supporting documentation to Domain Services - Attn: Camille Ede, 14455 North Hayden Road, Suite 219, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA. To make any other changes, simply log into the domain web site and select the "Manage Your Account" option.
You can dispute any claim to a domain name through the dispute process. You must have some valid claim over the domain name in dispute. MORE INFORMATION
If you can prove this is your trademark, you may be able to bring a dispute against the registrant. MORE INFORMATION
If your domain is registered with another registrar:
Go to your registrar's website and do a whois lookup on your domain name.
- If you do not remember who your registrar is, you can find the information by
doing a whois lookup here. Just click the - whois link at bottom of any page.
If your domain is registered with i-Commerce Solutions
- Click the "Manage Your Account" link - Login with your domain name username and password
- Click the "Your Domain List" link
The username must begin with a letter, but can be any combination of upercase/lowercase letters and numbers, with a minimum of 5 characters. The password can be any combination of upercase/lowercase letter and numbers, with a minumum of 5 characters. If a username has been used by a previous customer, you will be asked to select a new username.
Please contact us at and we will be more than happy to retry your transfer. You can also try reaching the losing registrar to see if there was a reason the transfer failed.
Yes, follow these steps:
1. Go to Domain Names
2. Click on Manage Your Account
3. Enter the username and password that you chose for your domain names. If you cannot remember, click on the link to have it e-mailed to you.
4. On the left hand side, choose Change Login Info
5. From here you should be able to make any changes to the information in the Whois database.
No, most domain names cannot be transferred around their expiration period. They will not be released by the current/losing registrar.

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